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PB4L forms the basis of our school behaviour management programme.  PB4L is a MOE initiative.  Click on the PB4L link on our website to find out more.  We have remade a Glenbrook version of an American song we found on Youtube.  The words in our version reflect our important concepts about PB4L.  Our children created the song and music video with the help of our teachers.  See what you think ...

Glenbrook Respect Rap

Glenbrook School

As a school we continue to work hard to provide the best learning so that all children can 'realise their potential'.

Our current school roll is 254 pupils.

At Glenbrook we believe that developing a team is important.  We can have a team of more than 270 people onsite at any time.  We need everyone to understand their role in school to make the most of the opportunities that school presents.  PB4L (positive behaviour for learning) helps us to have the same understanding of our behaviour expectations and once we have a shared understanding then we focus on the learning.  This includes quality Literacy and Mathematics programmes, a broad range of experiences and learning in other areas of the curriculum, a focus on Habits of Mind and aiming to differentiate our teaching to provide quality learning for each child.


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